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We at Asian Tea & Exports are committed to Total Quality Management and strive continually to set higher standards for ourselves. Our team works closely with existing and new clients, assisting in the selection of suitable tea blends matching with the needs of their markets.

Throughout the ages blending teas has always been regarded as an art form. In dedicating ourselves to this art, we continue to uphold the fine tradition of tea manufacturing.

Blending is carried out at our blending and packing units. Our units are equipped with modern machines and equipments. Cleaning systems are used for removal of any iron and foreign particles. Dust collection systems remove the unwanted dust particles from the leaf teas to ensure an even blend. We have also installed a vacuum bulk packing machine which provides additional value by retaining the freshness of tea for longer periods. Stringent measures are in place to ensure total hygiene and quality.

Our blending and packing units are located in Calcutta and Coimbatore in India. Blending facilities are also available in Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.


Teas of the best quality can only be recognised by the best of tea tasters. They need a highly developed sense of smell and taste, fine sensitivity, reliable intuition and, last but not least, wide experience. To find year after year the same quality and flavour in a product that is so dependent on nature as tea, to be continually searching for an even better harvest maturing in one of the many tea gardens requires an expert whose whole heart is devoted to tea.

A team of creative experts are in hand to design and develop tea packaging with particular emphasis on aesthetics, economy, durability and preservation of freshness. New types of tea packs with options of using paper, wood, metal or ceramic can be developed. We also offer packaging under the client's private label.



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