Management Team

Mr. Hariram Garg: Founder & Chairman

Meet Mr. Hariram Garg, a planter in the real sense of the word, the founder of the group, was born and brought up in the very heart of the tea belt in Northern India. The vast expanse of the lush tea gardens fascinated him since his early childhood. He gained great insight into the nature of tea- its cultivation and manufacture.

Not content with blindly following age-old practices, H.R. Garg sought new techniques and modern methods of cultivation while retaining the effective ones to improve quality and increase productivity. He set up new tea plantation on virgin land and replanted the older sections.

Inspired by his passion and foresight, the company progressed, not only manufacturing quality teas but also procuring, blending and packaging some of the finest tea blends. He created a company culture that is an amalgam of the old and the new, combining traditional values with modern technology - always quick to take advantage of technological advancements, emphasising the need for product excellence coupled with eco-friendliness and hygiene.

The group has grown from tea plantation to tea exports and other activities like marketing and distribution of various commodities and real estate development.

Mr. Sunil Garg : Director

Mr. Sunil Garg, is a commerce graduate from Calcutta University. Actively involved in developing the international trade of the Company having over 25 years experience in business, he first started marketing and distribution of agro inputs for the tea industry. He was closely associated as distributor for several internationally renowned multinational companies and traveled abroad for conferences and meetings. With his long exposure to the tea industry and to multinational companies, he has developed a rare insight into the functioning of the tea industry as well as international trade which is now valuable in the growth of the Company.

Mr. Rajesh Garg : CFO

He started his career managing the timber and wood processing plant, handling a large pool of workers and having first hand experience of running a manufacturing unit. He is instrumental in setting up the Green Tea manufacturing unit in the Group’s Tea Estates. He has years of valuable business experience and is an integral part of the group.